About Swamaji Sri Selvam Siddhar and his contribution to building temples in USA

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This video is about a Hindu Swamaji who has sacrificed and dedicated his entire life to Lord Shiva, one of the main Hindu Deities in the Hindu Religion and to the community. This video will show another perspective and unexplained side to the mainstream community in the US about a man of God who has created excellent positive vibrations in many families lives. Swamaji goes by the name as Swamaji Sri Selvam Siddhar and in his close circle is respectfully called as Commander Selvam. Swamaji is a child prodigy and was born in India and the local community believed in him as a holy child. His father and all of his forefathers have been bankers. Swamaji’s great grandfather has built the biggest Shiva Temple which exceeds more than 4 million square foot in the 19th century in his native village.

Swamaji is from the nagarathar community, this community is in…

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